Goodbye Gay Network


posted 17 April 2015

I’m very sad to announce that this will be my final blog for Gay Network.

I’ve enjoyed 7 wonderful years reporting and commenting on all things gay but, like Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight, it’s finally time for me to call it a day.

I hope over the years I’ve educated, amused, disgusted and delighted you with my incoherent, illiterate babble.  From film reviews to political commentary we have journeyed together through Gaydom and had many queer adventures.

Like all the greats I won’t be replaced! This will be the end for the GN blog but please keep and eye on my Twitter for my podcast GOBBING OFF and other gay, film and useless stuff that might tickle your fancy.

Thanks for reading!!

Craig Ford 

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    31 And Still Out In Soho – Am I A Tragic Mess?

    I recently turned the tender age of 31 and while it’s had absolutely no effect on my life, it has got me thinking about the next annual nail in the coffin, 31. Do I have to change my irresponsible ways and act like a grown up next year? Or is it acceptable to continue on my odyssey of cock and booze a little while longer? I don’t feel like I’m physically changing so why should I curb my penchant for fun and frolics? Well there are some scene queens that believe over 30 is retiring age in Soho and that this is my last year of being the gal about town….We shall see.

    27 March 2015


    Meet The Parents. The Do’s and Don’ts

    You have been dating your hot bit of fluff for some time now and its beginning to get serious. You’ve practically moved into his flat, commandeered a drawer for yourself in his bedroom and have even entered into talks on the big one… What small, yappy dog should we get? But deep in the darkest recesses of your mind there’s the dull ache of worry that grows that little bit more painful each day. You try not to think about it, focusing on the other fun relationship stuff, but it is all in vain as your partner finally utters that fateful question, ‘Want to come up to my parents for the weekend?’ And so it begins. What started out as a casual fuck every second Saturday has now come to this. It’s time to meet the parents.

    27 February 2015

  • TV

    Perez Hilton - The Worst Gay Man Ever

    Have we all been watching Big Brother? No, me neither. I suffer enough queens and cretins in reality. To have my one platform of escapism ruined by more ‘famous’ arseholes would plunge me into a pit of despair. But our guest blogger Nick has and he clearly isn’t happy about one of these fame vultures…

    06 February 2015

  • Politics

    Russians Trump Up Bizarre New Law…Again

    Just when you thought Russia couldn’t get anymore backwards Prime Minister Dmitry Mevdev stuns the rest of Europe with some wonderful, new regulations, banning transgender people from driving.

    09 January 2015


    Lock Up Your Sons, Santa’s Coming To Town

    A few words to enhance your festive mood…

    23 December 2014