Olympic Boxer Comes Out As Gay


posted 05 October 2012


When you were a kid did you ever watch sport with your dad, pretending to be interested but really you were picturing all the men naked and sweaty…Sat on your face. Well I did and boxing was one of those sports that really got me horned up. Those butch guys fighting semi-nude, sodden in manly sweat. Oh how I longed to rip those silky little shorts off and have a nosh. Never did I ever entertain the idea that some of them might actually be queer. Well today I’m one step closer to my sex dream being a reality… It would seem it’s not just the boxing ‘ring’ Orlando Cruz has a love for after he came out the closet today.  This makes him the first ever professional gay boxer in history. Thank you Orlando, Thank you!   

 The Puerto Rican featherweight has said that he is indeed a proud gay man. You might say it’s Cruz by name Cruise by nature. Oh Snap! Yes I did go there!

 The 31-year-old released a statement to the media saying:

 “I’ve been fighting for more than 24 years and as I continue my ascendant career, I want to be true to myself.

 “I want to try to be the best role model I can be for kids who might look into boxing as a sport and a professional career.

 “I have and will always be a proud Puerto Rican. I have always been and always will be a proud gay man.”

 Arrh, doesn’t he sound sweet, what a lovely bum-diver to add to our growing gay sporting arsenal. I don’t know if I want him to sit on my face, thus bringing my sex dream into fruition, or be my new gay best friend!  

 Cruz has been boxing since he was seven and has won seven national titles and seven international gold medals.

He turned pro shortly after the Sydney Olympic Games and won his first professional fight on 15 December 2000 against Alfredo Valdez.

 It’s really great to see someone with balls (big sexy ones I bet) speak out and not worry about how this might affect their professional career. With boxing being big on image this will give his rivals something to taunt him about publically I imagine.

His next fight will be on the 19th October against Jorge Pazos. I know I'll be watching him do his thing in the ring...Probably while I give my own ring a seeing to.


Craig Ford

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