Perez Hilton - The Worst Gay Man Ever


posted 06 February 2015


Have we all been watching Big Brother? No, me neither. I suffer enough queens and cretins in reality. To have my one platform of escapism ruined by more ‘famous’ arseholes would plunge me into a pit of despair. But our guest blogger Nick has and he clearly isn’t happy about one of these fame vultures…

Whilst I’m slightly ashamed to admit I’ve recently been spending most my evenings glued to Celebrity Big Brother - it has been some pretty good viewing for predominantly one reason. That reason is the shocking exploits of Perez Hilton, arguably the most hated housemate of all time.

This week saw the weasel evicted from “The Perez Show” to cheers from his housemates and the obligatory boos from a baying crowd. And as this series draws to a close, his behaviour throughout the course of his time in the house has got me thinking about something Michelle Visage, self-proclaimed ‘Queen of the Gays’said about him earlier in the series. She told Big Brother that Perez was “an embarrassment”and that she “didn’t want the gay community judged by this ass”. She went further - claiming his behaviour had “set our community back fifty years”. Aside from not actually being part of ‘our community, does she have a point?

Gays continue to be both stereotyped both positively and negatively. And whilst most gays do tend exhibit one or two of these, this is a man who seems to exude all the bad and none of the good. His behaviour over the last few weeks has shown him to be a vicious, vindictive, shit-stirring, drama queen. Put in simple terms - a nasty piece of work. Pretty much a bad representation for gay men everywhere, this has been exemplified not least by comparing his experience to “being diagnosed with AIDs in the 80’s” or rather sinisterly yelling “I’m going to shove my huge dick up your ass” at the usually docile Calum Best during a heated argument – none of which went down well in the house or the viewing public. It’s all pretty disgraceful.

But was it all just an act?

I expect not. This man is a historic bully. Famed for outing male celebrities including Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris, it’s clear he has no regard for his community or people’s feelings whatsoever. For somebody who once posted a teary vlog about how he would start being ‘a better person’, his appearance on Big Brother has well and truly confirmed that resolution went out the window.

What’s worse, is that he is counteracted by the invisible homo-housemate ‘Kavana'. Recently voted by the public most boring, he’s hardly said a word apart from getting mortal once and telling Keith Chegwin to “fuck off”. Yawn!

I’ll conclude my little rant with this: I never thought I’d be on Katie Hopkins side and that's saying something. 


Nick Addy

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