This Infographic tells the story of Pride

What Does It Mean To Be Proud - A History of Gay Pride


posted 28 October 2013

What Does It Mean To Be Proud? This Infographic tells the story of Pride.

How did the word pride become synonymous with the gay community? Check out this amazing infographic on the full history of gay pride. The coming generation of LGBT may take a lot of their rights for granted, may not associate with all the hardship that has passed and may not relate to the word pride itself. It isn’t their fault, gay history is not a thing taught in schools quite yet.

In the wake of all the stigma and negativity that still exists in the UK and across the world it may seem like we haven’t actually come that far as a community, but we want to show you just how much we’ve achieved. That’s why we created The Meaning Of Pride: an overview of how far the LGBT community has come in the UK and quite a few reasons to be proud of your sexuality. It is only a snapshot of the last couple of centuries, of course the gay individual has been has been subjected to intolerance throughout history.

In 2013 homosexuals find themselves in a much more tolerant environment, but there is still such a way to go. This infographic gives a reason to keep fighting and a reason to keep proud. Take a look and see for yourself just how far the LGBT community has come.

Craig Ford

(Follow Craig on Twitter: @craigyboy84 @GayNetworkChat)

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