Brian Sewell

What The F*ck, You're Gay, Get Over It


posted 06 July 2011

So I was fingering the local 'rags' this morning when I came across one of the most inappropriate  and pointless articles I think I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  And I do take great pleasure in reading this type of shit. The guff  that you just know will be all over the Social networks, like cum all over a whore's bed sheets.  I am of course referring to Brian Sewell's rather unnecessary tirade on the homosexual characters that tread the cobbles of TV's Coronation Street. 

Sewell, who was born in 1931 within the leafy, London borough of Kensington, claims that soaps such as Coronation Street do not portray real working class northern folk:  "This Coronation Street is not good old grubby Lancashire, but just a turning away from Footballers' Wives — a fantasy world of a working class with money to burn" Because, of course, Brian Sewell would know all about the lives of the working class folk. Here is a man so far removed from the working class he wouldn't be able to tell you the difference between a pork scratching and a battered sausage.  

He then wittered on about the high amount of gays and dykes in the show:  "There's too much, not only of gay men – who are estimated to make up just six per cent of the population, but who dominate the storylines in the soap – but also of lesbians, bisexuals, the trans-gender community, cross-dressers and everyone else with some sexual quirk or fetish."

"Is it true that the lives of heterosexual Mancunians are haplessly intertwined with transvestites, transsexuals, teenage lesbians and a horde of homosexuals across the age range? Is Manchester now the Sodom of the North?"

Err yes Brian! Have you not been down Canal Street on a Saturday night? Even the mighty Jeremy Joseph (the gay community's version of Sir Alan Sugar) has made the pilgrimage up to the sunny north.

This rather tedious piece of journalism then goes down a more paranoid and sinister route, accusing the BBC of using EastEnders as a platform for "sexual propaganda and special pleading".

All this from a man who claims to be bisexual. A 79 year old bisexual I might add, who quite openly (if this articles anything to go by) hates his sexual orientation. A man that seems to be pining for his own glory days of 25 years ago when, indeed Coronation Street was grimy, predominantly heterosexual and ultimately shit. 

Surely it's not the soaps that are out of touch with reality but Brian Sewell, who longs for return of the Iron Lady and the subsequent demonising of the working class. Where northerners are portrayed as proletarian drones that simply work, have kids, drink heavily and die in the same grubby houses they grew up in.  

The majority of modern Britain accepts the gays now Brian, isn't it time you did? Or are you happy to wallow in your own self loathing?

Craig Ford

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