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Do you want to get connected with Cubs, without having to buzz through endless profiles and personal ads? can put you in touch with Cubs from across the country, all looking for some gay Cub chat.

What are Cubs?

Whether you’re gay or straight, if you’re new to the gay community, you might find there are a few terms you’re unaware of and, as a result, you might find that you’re missing out on certain things – or walking into some unexpected situations. If you don’t know what a Cub is, then it’s about time you learned so that you can decide if you’re interested in some gay Cub chat.

Put simply, and painting in broad brushstrokes, Cubs are young, hairy guys. Often, they are quite short and compact, with a certain amount of muscle definition, but nothing too overt. You’re unlikely to persuade a Cub to hit the waxing salon, as they tend to be proud of their body hair and like to flaunt it. As time goes by, Cubs can grow into Bears – larger and hairier guys. However, unlike Bears, Cubs aren’t quite as large and in charge; they’re more interested n having a good time on an equal footing than trying to prove that they’re in control.

At, we’ve got hundreds of Cubs, waiting for you to call them for some good gay Cub chat. You might be wondering how you’re going to know whether the guy you’re having gay Cub chat with is a genuine Cub – after all, you’re only going to be hearing his voice and, while you might be able to pick up a lot of things about a guy, the density of his body hair isn’t one of them. The answer lies in the free online profile we give each of our members when they register with us.

How do I contact Cubs?

Using for your gay Cub chat, you’ll be combining two things you probably use every day: your phone and your laptop. As part of the free profile, you can say as little or as much about yourself as you like and there’s even the option to include a picture. So, just by taking a look at someone else’s profile, you can get a good idea of whether they’re hirsute enough for gay Cub chat with you. And, just to make sure you get the gay Cub chat with the right Cubs, we’ve added a Power Search tool to the profile, which is easy to use and brings you immediate results.

The Power Search tool acts as a sort of filter. If you want gay Cub chat, then you simply let the Power Search know that you’re interested in chatting to Cubs and it will search out all the Cubs on our national network that fit your criteria. You can be as fussy or as casual about it as you like; the Power Search tool gives you the opportunity to factor in other aspects of the kinds of guy you’d like to talk to, such as where they’re from and they’re likes and dislikes. You might want gay Cub chat with Cubs from your area or you might want to speak to Cubs from particular parts of the UK. Whatever your criteria are, you simply feed them into the Power Search and it will seek out the best matches to your description, making sure that you get gay Cub chat with Cubs that suit you down to the ground.

Your security has been the UK’s largest provider of gay chat services for over 16 years. Part of the secret of our success is that we pay strict attention to our callers’ feedback and are flexible enough to adapt to their needs. As the Internet became more sophisticated and our chat services expanded, we became aware of the need to give our callers better means through which to protect themselves. As part of your online profile, you will also receive fully-customisable security settings that will allow you to mask your online presence, if you so wish, or to block callers that you feel you don’t want any contact with. Using our services, your discretion, privacy and protection are assured, leaving you to enjoy gay Cub chat safely and securely.

One of the many benefits of using our services for gay Cub chat is that it can really put you in contact with more gay guys than you might’ve thought possible – all from the comfort of your own home. Being able to enjoy gay Cub chat means you don’t have to worry about whether you’re looking your best or whether the bar you’re going to is still your ex’s favourite haunt – you just turn on the laptop, pick up the phone and get connected. In addition, from looking at other guy’s profiles, you’ll have an idea of just what you have in common, so conversation won’t be a problem. And the content of the conversation is entirely up to you; some guys enjoy gay Cub chat for interesting and stimulating discussions, while others enjoy casual and explicit phone encounters. Whatever you want, it’s up to you. However, if your conversation isn’t turning out to be what you expected, you can just say goodbye and hang up; no having to make embarrassing excuses or pretending to go to the toilet for a quick getaway. With our gay Cub chat services, the pressure is really taken off, from saying hallo to saying goodbye.

Give it a go

If you’re interested, but not sure about our gay Cub chat services, give is a call anyway. Register with us to see if you like it and we’ll give you 15 minutes of free talk time to help you make your decision. There’s absolutely no pressure to join, but we’re so confident of the quality of our gay Cub chat services that we’re sure you’ll want to become a part of our vibrant and growing community.

Call us today and, within minutes, you can be enjoying the best gay Cub chat that the UK has to offer.

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