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Gay Dating On A Budget

Not everyone who wants to date has an endless supply of money. Gay dating though, should be about chatting, getting to know each other better and having a good time. A little bit of imagination can lead to an unforgettable date for you and your man. Budget dating can be both fun and interesting. You will be sure to impress your man without splashing a lot of cash.

Take your date to the cinema

Going to the cinema can be reminiscent of teen dating days. Choosing an early showing can mean discount on the tickets and time to chat about the film afterwards. Cinema is also a good place to get closer to your chosen guy! Snuggle up.

Organise a picnic for your date

It might be cliché but a picnic is sure fire way to wow your man. Making the effort to prepare your own food shows a little bit of dedication and shows your gay date what you are all about. You can even take along a bottle of supermarket champagne at the fraction of a cost of buying it in a restaurant. A sure way to impress your gay date instantly, even on a budget.

Spend a day on the beach

There is no doubt that the beach is romantic but it helps you too to find out more about you gay date. Weather permitting an evening at the beach with candles and a fire shows a romantic side. A day of frolicking in the sea and playing Frisbee shows a youthful and fun side.

Fairground dating

A theme park or fairground is a great way to spend a day out and is sure to impress your man. Fast rides get adrenalin pumping and the heart racing. Sharing a scary ride gets you closer to your man. Winning you gay date a teddy-bear wine gets you brownie points.

Cook for your date

Offer to cook a meal for your date at your house. Even if you have to get a friend round to help or buy a takeaway and hide the cartons, the gesture will not go unnoticed.

Some other low cost dating ideas

Museum - Show you date that you have a cultured side by familiarising yourself with a local museum and then giving them a personal tour. It will make you look smart.

Sport activities - Being active can be a great way to keep conversations flowing. Try choosing something that neither of you are very familiar with so you can learn together. For example, hire some skates and take your man on a tour around your favourite park. If you’re both as inexperienced at skating as each other it should be a laugh holding each other up.

Zoo – A day out in the zoo is soothing and sometimes educational. Who can fail to be amused when watching a monkey hang from a tree by its tail? It might awake your own animal instincts.

No matter where you take your man for a date. Keep the activities and conversation flowing and hold the interest of your guy. If your ideas are not good enough and your gay date does not seem to be interested in you personally, scrap them and move on to the next man.

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