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Looking for some good homosexual chat? Call us today and we can put you in touch with literally hundreds of gay guys across the UK, all looking for fun and strings-free homosexual chat.

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Thanks to advances in technology, it has never been easier for gay guys to get in touch with each other, for some straight-talking homosexual chat. In addition, society has become less blinkered as to the social needs and desires of young gay men which have engendered a growing number of homosexual chat-lines, aimed specifically at this audience. Whether you’re single and looking for a partner or are in a relationship, but want to widen the circle of your gay friends, registering with a homosexual chat telephone service, such as Gaynetwork.co.uk, can be a fantastic way to reach out to other gay men that you would otherwise never get to know.

Homosexual chat-lines work particularly well for guys who are fed up with scoping out the local bars and clubs. The downsides to doing this is that not every small town has its gay bars and trying to sort out the hets from the homs can be a difficult thing to do; hitting on the wrong guy can also be a real problem. With homosexual chat services, you know that everyone online or on the phone is gay, that they are all looking for either fun or friendship and that you don’t have to approach strangers face-to-face and make difficult small-talk: it’s direct contact in the relaxed comfort of your own home. In addition, you can make the decision as to whether you want to talk to guys from your area or from across the UK, which gives you much more options than hitting the local nightlife.

Take Control

In addition, homosexual chat-lines allow you to take more control of the situation; you can set certain guidelines as to the type of people you want to meet, from the area they are from to the interests they have and whether or not they are into a long-term relationship or just a bit of casual fun. It also helps if you’re one of those guys who are slightly underconfident about the way he looks; you can remain as anonymous as you want or experience the liberation of creating an online persona that allows you to release your inner hottie. You don’t have to worry about your appearance, what you’re wearing or how to act – just sit back in your own home, relax and enjoy the banter.

Whether you’re looking for a relationship, a bit of casual fun or are simply testing the waters of homosexual chat, you can be sure that with hundreds of users online every day, you’re practically guaranteed to come across a guy who wants exactly the same as you. And, in the event that the conversation isn’t going the way you want it to, you don’t have to go through the whole embarrassing process of trying to walk away; you can simply cut the conversation short and hang up.

Indulge Yourself

Gaynetwork.co.uk is the UK’s largest homosexual chat phone service. With over 16 years experience in our field, we’ve built up a reputation for offering the best homosexual chat services in the industry and at prices that won’t be beaten. These aren’t recorded messages; we put you in touch with live and genuine gay guys from around the country, where you can get to know them and have a little fun.

Our homosexual chat lines can lead you to a date, meeting new friends or simply having someone on the end of the phone when you fancy. In addition, you can use our homosexual chat services from your mobile or contact gay guys using our SMS text-messaging facilities. Some of these guys will be local to your area, but you can cast your net further afield and speak to guys in other parts of the country. This is an ideal place for many guys to start from: if the idea of simply striking up chat with someone is too much, then you can indulge in a little texting, before you make the decision to pick up the phone.

The world of dating can be a fickle one and it can be a real blow to your confidence if you come home from a night out, without having received as much as a smile from a cute guy. Face-to-face chat can be successful, but it can also be astonishingly stressful and sometimes disheartening. Using homosexual chat services, you can get to know someone on an incredibly personal level, finding out what makes them laugh, what they think about certain subjects or even learn a bit about them simply from listening to the sound of their voice.

If you decide that you’re both up for a face-to-face date, you’re already armed with enough information to remove at least 50% of the nerves from the situation and just enjoy each other’s company. If you’re using our mobile service, you can even send photos of yourself to your potential partner, so that they know what you look like and they can do the same for you.

Get What You Want

Most people associate homosexual chat services with casual, strings-free fun. While that aspect is certainly part of its attraction, there is also the potential to use the service as a way to gain more confidence in the dating arena. In addition, it can help to save you time in looking for a potential partner or playmate; no more wasting time in bars, trying to work out if the guy you’re talking to is the one for you – you can filter out the kinds of guy you don’t want to bother with, leaving you with plenty of options to choose from, knowing that these are like-minded gay guys with the same agenda as you.

We don’t offer models or straight guys pretending to be gay; the guys you talk to are gay and friendly – just like a guy you might meet on an evening out.

For the best in homosexual chat, call us today.

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Gay Network is the UK's leading provider of gay chat and dating now in our fourth decade of successful operation

We help gay and bi men connect to each other for safe gay chats and sexy male talks. Call to man chat, date and meet new, hot local guys whenever or wherever they are. We are the largest provider of male telephone chat services in the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, facilitating national and local gay chat. Finding and dating hot, new and sexy men with GayNetwork is easy and a lot of fun. Call to meet gay men for sex or relationships.

We offer so much more than just another gay male chat websites. We operate all our services on multiple digital platforms so you can talk to men by landline, call on your mobile, interact via our mobile apps or just send your chatter by SMS via text messages. You can even chat free with hundreds of callers online right now, many of whom will be local men looking for a date near where you live.

We also broadcast from our own TV station on SKY channel 872 and we can soon be found on FreeSat too for much more fun gay sex chat. Watch yourself having fun with other local men.

GayNetwork.co.uk is one of the Intermediactive Group brands and sits alongside Chatbox, 4D, Candywall and Kooma as part of the wider group. The group is wholly UK owned and based in South London. We are regulated by both OFCOM and the Phone-paid Services Authority and are members of the Internet Foundation, FAST, the DMA and AIME.

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