Live Gay TV

What better way to reach out to other gay gays near you than been seen live on TV. As always, Gay Network has the perfect solution for you. We operate a live gay TV channel, where you can upload your own picture, be seen and send messages to other viewers. You can also cruise and chat with other guys in real time. With our own Text Jockeys (TJ) on hand 24/7, the party just keeps going. Try for yourself and tune in to channel SKY 872.

How to make an impression live on TV

Gay Network is the best channel to make an impression live on TV. Our channel is definitely the place to be seen. You can send us pictures and messages, which we will broadcast live on TV. Be the gay guy everyone talks about. Check our tips on how to make an impression:

  1. Don't send any old picture. Send a good quality photo
  2. Keep it clean, otherwise we won't broadcast your picture
  3. Choose a picture that represents you
  4. Think about the kind of guys you want to attract
  5. Let other guys see what you really look like
  6. Wear your favourite gear, cloths or hat
  7. Include a little bit about yourself in the message

Remember, other guys will only connect with you if they like what they see on screen. Just being live on TV won’t do the trick. Impress 100s of gay guys watching TV right now. Let them see what you look like!

Don’t be shy

Tune in to channel SKY 872, browse other guys' pictures and get in touch when you see a guy you like. You can also chat with our Text Jockeys live on screen. Our TJs are here to keep the party alive, take questions and comments from you 24/7. Please note that all text messages, profiles and pictures sent to us are moderated before shown on TV. Our TJs also make sure that Gay Network live TV is a safe and fun place to hangout.

Want to be seen on live gay TV, but still have questions about our service? Why not speak to our customer care team directly 24/7. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our gay TV channel.

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