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It might be that you have a thing for the accent or maybe you’re from the area and are looking for Northern gay chat with other guys – whatever your reasons, can put you in touch with hundreds of like-minded gay Northern guys.

Is it the accent?

But what is it about Northern guys that really floats your boat? The accent can be both masculine and aggressive or light and lilting, depending on who the owner is. Stereotypically, we tend to think of Northern lads as gritty, straight-talking and straight-acting and maybe that’s the turn-on on: the thought of having Northern gay chat with someone who sounds like they’ve just come sweating from the mines. Research by Dr Lance Workman at Bath Spa University has shown that when people hear a Northern accent, they tend to associate it with moral integrity, as if those gruff, clipped vowels speak of stern and upstanding character. This is undoubtedly the reason the call-centre managers value salesmen with Northern accents above all others; there is something deeply trustworthy about the dialects that come from the Pennines. It seems that Southerners are easily persuaded to buy something from a gruff, working-class-sounding, Northern voice – but only if the salesman is happy to come in via the tradesman’s entrance.

In addition, there are many Northern film stars and celebrities in the public eye these days, all seemingly from good stock; take a look at Sean Bean. His accent, coupled with his rugged, hard-man persona might well be the end of the line as far as sexy Northern guys go. The accent itself is closely linked with Old Norse in its rhythms and certain phrases; perhaps we all like a touch the Viking in our men?

Looking for Northern lads?

Whatever your reasons for wanting Northern gay chat with live and genuine Northern gay guys, we have hundreds of gay men from the North of England online every day, just waiting to chat with you. You can specify which area of the North you’d like to investigate, by using the Power Search facility that comes as part of your free online profile when you register with us. Whether you want to hear the music of the Geordie accent or the no-nonsense of Yorkshire, you can be as specific or as generalised in your search for guys with whom to have gay Northern chat.

If you’re from the North, you’ll be happy to hear that there are loads of guys out there waiting just to hear your voice. However, it might be that you’re looking for guys in your area for gay Northern chat. The beauty of our Power Search facility is that you can search for like-minded gay guys as far afield as you like or, if you think you might like to meet someone in the flesh, you can focus your search closer to home. Either way, you’re sure to meet a lot of interesting guys along the way.

Find who you’re looking for

Guys use our Northern gay chat services for a variety of reasons. It may be that they are simply too shy to strike up conversation with a Northern lad in their local bar or club or don’t live in an area where there are any Northern guys. Either way, Northern gay chat services offer you the chance to chat to who you want, when you want and about what you want. The anonymity that this service provides means that you can reinvent yourself to be anything but that shy guy you feel you are in public. By creating an online persona, you can finally say the things you’ve always wanted to say and to the types of Northern lad you’ve always wanted to say them to. Northern gay chat can be about virtually anything, from deep and stimulating conversations to explicit and adult chat. And, if you find you don’t like what you’re hearing or you’re simply not making the connection you wanted, then all you have to do is say goodbye and hang-up.

In addition to the Power Search facility, we’ve also included a fully customisable batch of security settings. These are there for your protection and peace of mind; sometimes you might attract the unwanted attentions of another guy or you might be aware of other people who use our service and not want them to know that you use it, too. Using our security settings, you can block people from contacting you or make your profile invisible to certain users. Either way, you know that you don’t have to engage with anyone you don’t want to and there will be no embarrassing repercussions.

No time like the present

Connecting for Northern gay chat couldn’t be easier: simply phone our dedicated phone line, record a short greeting that introduces yourself to other callers and then browse other callers’ greetings. Once you’ve found the sound of someone you like, you can then exchange direct messages or connect live. The real secret to enjoying good Northern gay chat is not to worry about the conversation. By the time you’ve checked out someone else’s profile or they’ve made contact with you, you should have a good idea of what you have in common and what you both want from your time together. You are limited only by what you want to say and might find yourself listening to someone’s deepest, darkest fantasies on one call or involving yourself in some lively debate on another; you set the rules.

Northern gay chat has the edge over online dating and chat sites, because of the simple reason that you get to hear someone. Of course, you can exchange photos if you like, using our mobile chat services, but you can learn a lot about a guy from the way he sounds. And if his voice is packed with those flat vowels that speak of integrity and grit that ring your bell, then you’re sure to find something to chat about.

There’s no reason to be alone on your night in, even if there’s no-one with you. Call us today for Northern gay chat in a safe and secure environment.

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