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If the sound of a Scottish burr gets your engines revving, then you’re in for a treat: at, we’ve got hundreds of gay, Scottish guys just waiting for some Scottish gay chat.

A Touch of the Tartan

Whether it’s the lyrical lilt of the Highlands or the gruff bark of the Lowlands, there’s a lot to be said for the Scottish accent. Listen to one on the end of the phone and you’re sure to be conjuring up images of hardy men in kilts or willowy, artistic types in flowing shirts. It’s small wonder, with the likes of Sean Connery, Ewan McGregor and Dougray Scott hailing from these shores that a touch of the tartan is what many of us would like in our lives. Everything said in a Scottish accent can sound both poetic and downright filthy, both at the same time. If you’re a fan of the Scots, then isn’t it time you got yourself some good Scottish gay chat?

However, this might not be as easy as it sounds. The area in which you live might not have a glut of pipers wandering the streets or it could be that the thought of striking up conversation with your very own Hamish Macbeth might be a little too intimidating. What you need is somewhere where you can chat to Scottish lads, listen to their Celtic consonants and be safe in the knowledge that they are gay, too. What you need is Scottish gay chat, provided by

Power your Search

It doesn’t matter whether you’re living down in Cornwall or six inches from Hadrian’s Wall, we can connect you with gay Scottish lads who are just waiting to hear from someone like you. All you need to do is register with us and you’ll open the doors to a world where you can have Scottish gay chat with as many guys as you like, from the comfort of your own home. The secret behind our popularity is our Power Search facility. As the UK’s leading provider of gay chat services, we’ve learned that our callers want to be able to chat to who they want without having to wade through the unwanted attentions of other guys. Using our Power Search, you can specify exactly the kind of guy you want to talk to – even down to where he’s from. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be talking to Scotsmen sitting by lochs; you may well find that we can give you the details of Scottish guys living in your area. Either way, you can be sure to be enjoying Scottish gay chat within minutes of registering with us.

However, even if you are going to be on the phone to Scotland for the whole night, we aren’t going to charge you any more for it: the tariff remains the same wherever in the UK you are calling to or from. In addition, we’ll give you a free online profile, through which you can introduce yourself to gay Scottish lads, revealing as little or as much about yourself as you feel comfortable with. In addition, your profile comes equipped with customisable security settings; if you want to prevent certain people from knowing that you use the service or feel the need to prevent another caller from contacting you entirely, then you simply adjust your security settings. We know that your online protection and discretion are as important to you as the Scottish gay chat itself.

No pressure, no panic

Getting connected to gay Scottish lads couldn’t be simpler: just phone our dedicated phone line, record a greetings message to other callers and then browse the greetings messages and profiles of members that catch your eye. You can either send direct messages to the guys you’re interested in or you can connect live. And you won’t have to worry about what to say: after having browsed their profiles, you’ll have a pretty good idea about what makes these guys tick. This method removes all the pressure and panic involved in trying to start conversation with someone in a bar or a club and you don’t even have to leave your home to do it. You don’t even have to worry about you’re appearance, either – just sit back and enjoy Scottish gay chat.

Although conversation and hearing someone’s voice can be an incredibly intimate experience, there can also be a certain amount of anonymity involved. Rather than working against you, most users report that it is actually quite a liberating factor to their Scottish gay chat; without anyone to judge them, shyer guys feel they can interact as they would really like to, rather than being hampered by their own inhibitions.

Flirty fun or long-term relationships

There are hundreds of gay Scottish guys out there, just waiting for your call. Some will be there just for a little flirty fun or chat, while others will be looking for friendships and others still will be looking for long-lasting relationships. Whatever your reasons for seeking Scottish gay chat, you can be sure that there are other guys who want just the same and are happy for you to contact them.

The best way to find out if our Scottish gay chat services are for you is to try it out. We’re so confident that you’ll come away satisfied, that we offer 15 minutes of free talk time to anyone who registers with us, wherever in the UK they’re from. Register, get connected and get chatting – it’s as simple as that. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with Power Search and the security settings, you can really start to take control of just who you talk to. We don’t hook you up with actors or models pretending to be gay: all our users are just like you and have discovered that our service offers a convenient and exciting way to meet other gay guys. And if those gay guys happen to have a bit of ‘Och, aye’ about them, then so much the better.

Call us today and get chatting with gay Scottish lads. Who knows where you might end up?

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